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"Karen Black is nothing short of spectacular... Barbara Bain
is ideally cast... Laura Karpman's original score is a
marvelous array of color, texture and shading... Everything
is done with such loving care and sense of style that the
appetite is whetted for another chapter from this talented
4 1/2 stars James Wegg, Rotten Tomatoes

"I really loved the movie. Not a single car chase, not a
fire ball, not a shooting, merely closely connected human
beings scratching and chaffing and struggling with that thing
called life. I'm reminded that it's the simplest stories that
pack the most power."
Richard Walter, Professor and Chair,
Department of Screenwriting, UCLA

"An amazing filmmaker. Truly remarkable. Karen Black and
Barbara Bain are terrific! Julia Garcia Combs has a wonderful
ease, charming, marvelous."
Henry Jaglom, Writer/Director

"This courageous film is about nuance and introspection - a
deliberate, careful and ultimately loving look at the dynamics
among three women."
Sylvie Drake, Chief Film Critic (Emeritus), Los Angeles Times


Extended due to
Box Office success!

premiere at Laemmle's Music Hall 11.11.11

James Wegg
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